The Caterist Visits the THAWE

We’re all shocked, but Spring has finally come to Chicago. The ladies at the Eventful Life took matters into their own hands last month, and organized some Spring cheer for us to enjoy before the warm weather and greenery worked its way to the Midwest. There were flowers, there was music, and there was fun.

The Caterist was lucky enough to participate in this get-together of wedding industry pros, brides, and grooms, and we had a blast sharing some of our delectable appetizers with everyone. There were hummus crostinis, stuffed olives wrapped in prosciutto, and mini sopes to be had. For that extra Spring feeling we brought along some dirt pudding that looked so realistic it had guests glancing sideways and asking, “so… is this for eating?”

In the clever loft space we nestled a popcorn bar on a gorgeous old desk. It didn’t seem to mind being re-purposed for the evening, and the lovely floral arrangement provided by Alicia Kiewett  sealed the charm. There were plenty of mix-ins—truffle oil, sunflower seeds, coffee chili powder, cinnamon sugar, currants, pretzels, and so on.


Music, exquisite lighting, and enchanting drapes clinched the atmosphere—we were jealous of all the guests!

Our favorite part of the evening had to be interacting with the attendees. Watching everybody have fun was almost as good as sipping the herb cocktails and getting out on the dance floor ourselves.